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Healthcare / Managed Care / Pharmaceuticals

We all deserve great care. Ensuring that everyone receives it requires quality interactions between doctors and patients – and so much more.

Today’s healthcare system focuses on care that is patient-centered and considerate of the whole person. And that means the healthcare conversation has gone beyond diagnosis and treatment to encompass a whole spectrum of services, systems and supports. Wellness. Prevention. Technology. Community. Physical. Behavioral. Network. Data. Access. These are just a few of the words that make up the conversation. We know because we’ve been a part of it at its nexus – as leaders inside managed care and healthcare companies and as partners with specialty care organizations.

Great care is possible, but it requires that we talk to each other effectively. Patients need to know where to go, what to expect when they get there, how to avoid or manage some medical conditions, and when to seek treatment for others. Providers need to know how to stay current on today’s training, the best use of electronic health records for their practice, how to manage administrative burdens while delivering quality care, and how to succeed as a business in a complex system. Managed care companies need to explain how they to use data to drive quality and efficient care management, how they develop and support provider networks that meet member needs, and how they encourage members to utilize the best care in the best setting. They need to educate members about their health and help them manage diseases, train providers and employees alike, and communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders.

Our experience facilitating these conversations and fostering connections across the spectrum of healthcare companies includes:

  • Proposals: We have written, edited, coordinated and contributed to all phases of development for successful large-scale proposals worth more than $3 billion dollars. We’ve also helped create internal proposal processes and resources, and developed training for writers and subject matter experts.
  • Marketing Collateral: We have collaborated with leading companies to create brochures, point-of-sale materials, training presentations, webinar content and delivery, and event materials.
  • Member Communications: We’ve written and developed a wide range of member-focused materials from website content, blog posts, direct mail, and e-mails to summary of benefit sheets, point-of-care publications, and new member collateral.
  • Strategy Development: We’ve partnered with health plans to strategize marketing campaigns to successfully launch new products and lines of business.
  • Program Development (Rural Health and Telehealth): We’ve developed programs to expand healthcare access for managed care members in rural areas. Efforts included research, relationship building with key stakeholders, strategy identification, design and launch of pilot programs recognized by state officials, and creation of policies, procedures and training around rural health and telehealth regulations and initiatives.
  • Online Channel Development: We’ve strategized and launched an online channel for healthcare products resulting in over $2 million of incremental revenue during the first year. We’ve also created online assets used by specialty plans, brokers, and eyecare industry professionals.
  • Digital Marketing: We’ve developed strategies and content to reach potential customers, members, brokers, and industry professionals. We are experienced at promoting key messages and finding the right mix of e-mail, advertising (display/pay per click), and social media efforts to keep our clients top of mind while providing valuable content to their target audience.
  • Enterprise-Wide Contract Implementation: We’ve helped implement large-scale managed care contracts, including enterprise-wide activities to implement a $1.6 billion Medicaid managed care contract. These activities cut across all functional areas, including those that impacted members, provider network and services, information technology, communications, care management, pharmacy, claims, encounters, regulatory functions, and similar operational areas.


No one understands a law firm like a lawyer. We’ve practiced on the attorney side, and we’ve led marketing and proposal activities for a regional law firm with multiple offices throughout Florida, Atlanta and Washington D.C. We are skilled at interacting with everyone on staff, from administrators to paralegals to managing partners. We work effectively at all levels to gather the best information and produce high quality results for our law firm and attorney clients.

We know firsthand the importance of supporting the business of a law firm so that lawyers can focus on the practice of law. Our experience includes:

  • Proposal Writing and Editing: We’ve written and edited significant portions of more than 80 government and commercial proposals, many of which were multi-practice proposals that represented a wide array of attorney and firm experience. One hundred percent of our proposals were compliant with RFP requirements, and our win rate was 78 percent in the firm’s established practice areas, up from 40 percent in previous years.
  • Proposal Process Development: Our experience includes ground-up creation of a proposal process tailored for law firm personnel, including development of replicable management activities and tools, proposal libraries of baseline language, competitor analysis and training for all manner of personnel included in the proposal process.
  • Marketing Plans: We’ve created marketing plans at the firm, practice area and attorney levels. We use the experience, skills, strengths and interests of the attorneys we work with to tailor marketing plans to grow client base and establish attorneys as experts in their fields.
  • Marketing Activities and Collateral: We’ve written, coordinated and developed it all – language and design for practice area brochures and web pages, attorney and executive bios, press releases, firm newsletters and blog content, sponsorship materials, announcements, white papers, executive summaries, and the specialized marketing needs that arise.
  • Awards and Recognition: We’ve helped attorneys gain and promote certifications, awards and similar prestigious recognition in their areas of practice. We understand the annual cycles and submission processes associated with local, regional and national publications and awards and help our attorneys navigate the requirements to secure these industry distinctions.
  • Website Optimization: A law firm’s website is its online storefront. We have audited all client facing and back-end functions of attorney and law firm websites and helped optimize websites for search engines. We can also recommend how to best use paid search to better reach prospects in key practice areas, enhance your firm’s brand reputation, and to drive additional website traffic.
  • Social Media Management: We have helped extend brands across social media for law firms and attorneys. We understand that social media activities are often regulated by bar associations, and that extra care must be taken with these client-facing platforms. We can help create a social media strategy as part of an attorney or firm’s overall marketing plan, including creation of an editorial calendar to plan outreach activities in advance.


We’ve worked in-house at non-profits, and we understand the pride, passion and pain of getting a meaningful message out on a dime. We know that you serve members who believe in and rely on your mission. We can help you connect with them. In addition to our writing and editing services, we also offer a “Managing Editor At Large” service to take the headaches away from creating timely publications and member communications.


Flavored gins, magnet schools, education policy, famous attorneys, haunted watering holes and the patent application process – we’ve written about the absurd, the serious, the inspired and the tasty for consumer publications, legal journals, and a wide variety of industry publications.